Pre Purchase Inspection Dubai

Pre Purchase Inspection Or Used Car Inspection:

  • Comprehensive Inspection Report
  • Manual Physical Inspection
  • Computerized Report
  • Fair & Transparent Report
  • Detailed Interior and Exterior Check up
  •  General performance, noise, fluid condition check up

Comprehensive Full Inspection, Specialized in Pre-purchase inspection for all Exotic, American and European cars

Are you purchasing a second hand car or want to try to to an inspection of your car, Call us 800 787 we’ll assist you to urge a comprehensive report after doing an in depth check-up.

The main objective of Pre-purchase inspection to seek out out any faults of car buying, usually buyers don’t have the technical knowledge to know car issues. Top Fix Auto Repair Dubai  Motor Services assist you to spot the faults by using computerized inspection and our technicians are well experienced to perform Pre-purchase inspection.

If you’re buying a car, a pre-purchase auto inspection is vital . You don’t want to work out what’s faults with a car after you purchase it. Take it to Top Fix Auto Repair Dubai Motor Services for a pre-purchase inspection to guard your investment.

As we complete our inspection, our Service Advisor go through the report which is Fair and Transparent.

Multi Point Pre-Purchase Vehicle Inspection Starting From 450 AED/- Only.


  • Service history Analysis
  • Mechanic Inspection
  • Electrical components and equipment function check
  • Comprehensive Transmission check-up
  • Detailed Engine inspection
  • Computerized detailed inspection
  • Test Drive
  • Interior Visual Inspection
  • Exterior Visual Inspection
  • Auto Air Conditioner Check up
  • Brake system inspection
  • Suspension check-up
  • Tyre Condition checkup
  • General performance, noise, fluid condition
  • Condition of Exhaust system

top fix auto repair dubai   Auto services, specialized in Used car inspection, comprehensive 4-hour inspection, transparent inspection report, Best premium Auto Diagnosis in Dubai provide best German and European, Exotic car repair center in Dubai. Our experience is from Los Angles, we’ve all Dealer tools to repair and diagnosis any cars.

We are specialist in :

  • Super cars repair
  • German cars repair
  • American cars repair
  • High end Japanese cars repair