Mobile Mechanic Services


Don’t worry we’ll come to you with mobile car mechanic Dubai! If we can fix your car on site, we will do, and have you quickly on your way! If not, we will send our specialist tow-truck to collect it from you, and bring it to our workshop. We can even deliver it back to you when it’s ready. We are a one stop name to find car mechanic near me – anywhere in Dubai.


Many car owners have at some time or the other been in a situation where they had a car stop right in the middle of nowhere, or those engine overheating issues came back during the drive. Whether the problem is mechanical, electrical or other, in the modern day and age, you need not worry about this sort of scenario. Thanks to mobile car mechanic Dubai, these are matters of the past.

So when you car acts up while you’re on your way somewhere, or the engine just won’t start, our auto repairing service will get to you, and look at the problem on the spot, until your vehicle is good to go.

Mobile Mechanic Services Include:

  • Run out of fuel
  • Car towing
  • Car recovery
  • Fuel delivery
  • Unlocking door
  • Flat tyre services
  • Car window fixing
  • Car not starting
  • Car starter change
  • Car alternator change
  • Car battery change
  • Car checkup
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