Flat Tyre Services


You have a flat tire. Whether you are on the road, a parking lot or driveway you need flat tire roadside assistance. We will immediately and 24/7 send the nearest tow truck or service provider to your rescue.  Get real-time updates and track arrival of your service provider on the map.


Besides puncturing of the tire a flat can be caused by: failure of or damage to the valve stem; rubbing of the tire against the road, ripping the tire, or separation of tire and rim by collision with another object; excessive wear of the tire tread allowing explosive tire failure or allowing road debris to tear through it. Where a flat tire occurs, drivers are advised to slow gradually and pull off the road. Continuing to drive may damage the wheel, the hub or other parts of the vehicle. Driving with a flat tire, especially at high speeds, may result in a loss of control and an accident.