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    Straightening of a car body is one of the basic processes of giving the correct form to the car body after a road traffic accident.

    The cost of body work depends on the severity of damage and the scope of work performed.

    It can be stressful to get a dent or ding on your precious vehicle. We can provide the services of car dent repair in Dubai at your home, office or wherever you are standing. If the dent is minor, it only takes 40 minutes for repair and if it is larger, our mechanics can remove it within 2 to 3 hours. With years of expertise and experience in every make and model, our technicians can remove dent of all kind of car make and models. Always hire the best in the field for dent removal in Dubai.

    Painting a vehicle is more than just a routine service at any workshop. For high-end luxury cars, such as Mercedes, BMW, and Audi this kind of job require precaution and extra care. Make sure that the workshop you select for car paint repair understands the significance of meticulous and careful work when repairing cars. Our Garage is a renowned auto body shop to perform the services of paint repair for you. Having a certified team to handle luxury cars and an extensive experience in providing actual finished products, we answer all your car painting needs. We provide the complete car paint including all doors bumper, bonnet, trunk, and roof.

    We provide six level of painting work. How six level painting level works.

    • Scratch Refill
    • Premier Work
    • Painting
    • Clear coat
    • Polishing
    • Waxing