Complete auto repairing and maintenance was overpricing and expensive for me in getting it
repaired in authorized repairing centre of respective brand. Mechanics at Top Fix Auto Repair in
Dubai provided me the complete solutions.

David Martin

Break system is what that makes me worries more about the car safety. After reaching the Top Fix
Auto Repair Dubai, I got solution for all kind of break issues. They make all makes and models, brake
inspection ABS diagnosis and repair along with hydraulic repairs brake pad replacement wheel


My car battery was not working properly as it was not charging, while it was showing problem in
starting. When I checked the price in company’s authorized workshop, it was higher than what I expected.
Top Fix Auto Repair Dubai provided me the right solution for battery replacement at
prices that are lower than actual workshop prices.

Sita Doyle

Alignment of my SUV was not in the proper way as it was showing problem and driving experience
was frustrating me. One my friends recommended me the name of Top Fix Auto Repair in Dubai.
Services are wonderful and affordable too. They solved the problem in a successful way. I am driving
my SUV better and in a smooth way.

David Martin Jr

Some unwanted scratches were increasing my irritation and I was looking for the right solutions
to get them solved to get a new like look again. Thanks you guys at Top Fix Auto Repair Dubai.
Their charges are reasonable and didn’t bother us.